Italian style

Italian style

Curtis Tissen takes the slick Maserati Quattroporte for a spin

Designed to be a luxury sedan, the Quattroporte was one of the quickest of its kind in the 1960s – quite a legacy, I ponder, standing in front of the sixth-generation model, which I am about to get acquainted with.

I close my eyes and very gently run my fingers along the car’s striking contours, enjoying every detail of every line. The Quattroporte has come a long way since its inception all those years ago. But it definitely hasn’t forgotten its heritage and has stayed true to its design roots. Rich and imposing, the concept of the luxury sports sedan is embodied in the Maserati ethos. The Quattroporte continues to be a benchmark for high-quality engineering, supercar performance and that renowned limousine comfort.

Too often, words such as ‘spacious’, and ‘comfortable’ are not synonymous with supercars. They are designed to get the most out of their engines, leaving the driver and occupants with very little room. Thankfully, Maserati plays by different rules. The Quattroporte is long and glorious, designed with space in mind. Performance has not been sacrificed, though, and the powerful 3-litre V6 engine isn’t shy to show its mettle.

The cabin size isn’t at all overwhelming, but rather comforting. Even the back seats look inviting, but there’s nowhere I would rather be than sitting up front. Gripping the leather steering wheel, I take a moment to relish the quality finish, from the superbly laid out driver-focused dash to the smaller detailing in the centre console.

The Quattroporte combines Maserati’s tradition of craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies that guarantee outstanding quality by controlling the tiniest details. The cabin’s touch-screen display acts as an intuitive way for users to access almost all of the vehicle’s on-board equipment. Other impressive tech includes a rear-view camera and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as optional WiFi.

The Start/Stop button is lit up and I press it gently. The calm silence of the cabin is replaced by the throaty growl of the V6 engine. It’s a beautiful sound. My right foot is drawn toward the accelerator pedal; with every press, the revs climb and the sound emanating from the exhaust pipes intensifies.

Heading out on to the streets, you will be forgiven for thinking the Maserati Quattroporte is a ‘soft’ performance sedan, but I can assure you this is not the case. Thanks mostly to its performance-oriented suspension and all-wheel drive set-up, the Maserati handles itself magnificently.

Blasting down a long, sloped tar road, I let the fiery Italian loose. The responsive automatic gearbox almost instantly shifts down, sending the revs towards the redline as the Maserati bolts towards the horizon like a wild stallion.

The performance figures are enticing: 0–100 km/h in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 263 km/h. I’m tempted to try and achieve this figure, but that’s only because the car inspires confidence. It allows you to explore the full range of power at your feet without taking you out of your comfort zone. The handling is also impressive: the car tightly grips the road, allowing you to enjoy the performance-focused drive. The transmission is crisp and the shifts seamless and smooth.

Whether it’s pushing the Quattroporte to its limits or a slow Sunday outing, the fiery Italian is always willing to oblige – a quick shift and the gearbox is immediately responsive, further enhancing the driver experience. And perhaps that’s what makes the Maserati so refined – it’s practical and comfortable in any situation.

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